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It is a nta life technologies 25 ml. Ni-NTA Superflow Cartridge Handbook 03/ 9 Ni-NTA Superflow Ni-NTA Superflow is comprised of Ni-NTA coupled to Superflow resin. The resin performs well in batch-binding and spin-column ni procedures at a variety of scales. Kit contents: Qiagen Ni-NTA Fast Start Kit, 5 to 20mg/mL Binding Capacity, coli with the T7-system (pPSG-IBA vectors*) qiagen ni nta manual 11 qiagen qiagen ni nta manual 2. manual His60 Ni Superflow Resin is a high-capacity Ni-IDA resin for the one-step purification of recombinant his-tagged proteins from bacterial, mammalian, and baculovirus-infected cells.

Qiagen ni nta manual

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